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Welcome to the Blog!

February 28, 2019

Welcome to KaranN dot Dev!

Why did I decide to create this blog today?

Truth be told, I always wanted to tinker with getting my own domain name, hosting a website, and in general have a place that I can truly call my own. I also take tremendous inspiration from Scott Hanselman’s blog and his cut-to-the-chase writing style. Today, when I met my colleague and a dear friend, Daniel, he started talking about the new .dev domain. I was very intrigued when he told me he had reserved his domain name (dajaco.dev) and had already hosted a website using something called Netlify. My interest was further piqued when the first build finished right in front of me and his blog went live. So, of course the next thing I do is reserve my own domain name and host this very blog you are reading.

What is this blog going to be about?

I love to create things that make lives easier. I am passionate about Technology. Put the two together and that’s your gist for this blog. I plan to talk about the different projects and challenges that I take up as I find my place in this world as a maker, a developer, a son, a husband, a photography enthusiast, adrenaline junky, but mostly as a maker/developer :)


The very first thing I plan to work on is to add a way to comment on posts. But in the meanwhile, please connect with me using Twitter, GitHub, or LinkendIn, or the old fashioned way [email protected].

If you are still reading this…

Thank You

About the featured image : This is a view of the San Diego bay right before sunset. Across the bay you see the Coronado island. This was taken on Feb 7th, 2019 when Seattle was witnessing the infamous snowmageddon.

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